Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance is a valuable coverage that protects your clients’ assets and ensures they will receive the type of care they deserve when they need it most.

Long Term Care Insurance can provide benefits for nursing home, adult day care, assisted living and home care services.

Long Term Care is designed to provide benefits for people with chronic illness, cognitive impairment and also those recovering from a serious injury that requires rehabilitative services.

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Critical Illness

Critical Illness and Accident Plans are unique solutions available on an individual or group chassis.

Critical Illness Plans are a great complement to Disability Insurance coverage. The benefits pay a lump sum for a number of different illnesses. This coverage can help individuals pay for medical treatments and can make it possible for individuals to enjoy their last days, not having to worry about financial obligations when a critical illness strikes.

Accident Plans are a perfect and affordable solution for clients that may be medically uninsurable for Disability or Critical Illness coverage. This ensures that they have some benefits for accidents that occur.

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Individual DI

Individual Disability insurance is designed to help protect income if your clients are unable to work due to an injury or illness.

Life can change in a matter of seconds. What would happen if your clients no longer had the means to pay their mortgage, health insurance premiums or provide for their families?

Adding Disability Insurance to a financial plan is the most important step you can make to protect the financial future of your clients.

The right plan will depend on income, occupation, health and financial commitment.

Here is a full list of the products we offer:

  • Life Insurance
    • General Account Universal Life
    • Indexed Universal Life
    • Guaranteed Universal Life
    • Term Life
    • Life with Long Term Care Benefits
    • Whole Life
    • Life Settlements
    • Group Life
  • Long Term Care
    • Individual Long Term Care
    • Asset Based Long Term Care
    • Hybrid Life with LTC Riders
    • Hybrid Annuity with LTC Riders
    • Worksite Long Term Care


  • Disability Insurance
    • Disability Income
    • Overhead Expense
    • Disability Buyout
    • Key Person
    • Disability Retirement Protection
    • Business Loan Disability Protection
    • Group Disability
  • Annuities
    • Multi Year Guaranteed Fixed
    • Indexed
    • Guaranteed Income Riders
    • Immediate
    • Annuities with Long Term Care Benefits